…a truly holistic approach to design…

USC’s MLA program excels in encouraging students to conquer “real world outside-the-box thinking” which allows students to really explore countless realms of design and approach these issues as if they were currently working in the industry. This in turn results in students who graduate the program coming away with a much more useful as well as versatile set of skills, than a more traditional landscape architecture program, creating an outburst of very talented designers who are rapidly becoming industry leaders.  USC’s ability to continuously provide talented faculty, stellar programming and a unique variety of class offerings to their students continues to amaze me. It is clear that USC is quite exceptional at providing their students with a truly holistic approach to design that does a fantastic job of preparing students to excel in the real world roles present within the landscape architecture profession.

Jennifer (MLA 2012)

Jennifer is currently the Director of FutureProof. FutureProof is a nationally recognized interdisciplinary firm which provides full-service sustainability masterplanning, green infrastructure design and development, integrated water management landscapes, LEED and technical consulting for projects and initiatives intent on achieving aggressive and impactful sustainability goals.



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