…we worked with actual physical hydraulic modeling…

I was fortunate to have an amazing experience in Alex Robinson’s river studio where we worked with actual physical hydraulic modeling — the project has furthered my understanding of river natural processes and made me a believer in the transformative potential of the LA River; having the chance to interact with Gerdo Aquino (SWA) who broadened my understanding of the potential of what landscape could be; and I enjoyed an interesting and very relevant topic studio about the Metro westward purple line subway expansion in Rachel Berney’s studio.  The program somewhat prepared me for the profession locally in terms of a more sustainable approach for the local region with knowledge about native plants and water conservation.  I think the program could improve on analysis of case studies and projects, the restorative value of plants as filters for contaminants, the ecology of plants, and 3D modeling.

Tina (MLA 2013 and two-time National Olmsted Scholar Finalist)

Tina is currently working at SWA (Los Angeles) as the lead designer and project manager on a luxury condominium landscape in Jakarta, Indonesia with Johnson Fain (Los Angeles).  She’s also the lead designer and project manager for the landscape on a project for the Skid Row Housing Trust for homeless veteran housing with Michael Maltzan Architecture (Los Angeles). She is also participating pro-bono through SWA on the Streets for People project to help communities create temporary outdoor space from underutilized roads and parking areas.TCHEE


One response to “…we worked with actual physical hydraulic modeling…

  1. **Since Tina graduated, we’ve implemented several curricular changes. We have implemented a new series of landscape theory courses (our previous theory courses were tied to the Master of Architecture courses) a new 3D media course, and an advanced ecology course.

    In landscape architecture theory, we now offer:
    ARCH 544 Urban Landscape: Process & Place – projects are examined as incremental interventions in the formation and qualities of the evolving urban landscape. Case studies are explored to understand purposes, typologies, catalytic capacities, and strategies for urban landscape design.
    ARCH 545 Urban Landscape: Contemporary History & Prospect – which explores contemporary landscape architecture propositions and projects in the context of cities. The exploration methodology includes the study of epochal projects and theoretical texts organized by central themes of nature and culture.
    ARCH 546 Topics in Landscape Architecture: Issues and Practices – a broad range of developing urban landscape conditions and issues, both domestic and global, are given focused attention.

    In terms of 3D modeling we now offer:
    ARCH 548 Media for Landscape Architecture: 3D Design – developing and communicating landscape architecture design intent using visualization tools for three-dimensional studies.

    In terms of advanced ecology, we now offer:
    ARCH 547 Urban Nature – interactions of cities and nature: introduction to the ecology of cities; major threats to urban biodiversity interacting with human attitudes; review of restoration and conservation projects.

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