…the University has abundant resources…

UrbanNature1Regarding my academic experience in Landscape Architecture at USC, there are 3 main points I’d like to make:

  • Course arrangement and range of courses:  During my studies at USC, I realized the structure of the courses for the MLA degree is well configured.  The courses are divided into research/design method, theory, visual studies, technology, and design studio.  These courses are supplemental to each other.  In terms of elective courses, the School gives students the ability to choose several courses within the University that fit each student’s own interests.  The University has abundant resources which the student can take advantage of, such as courses about urban planning, environmental studies, geography, etc.
  • High level of competency of the faculty:  I appreciate the practical experience of each faculty member and their professional dedication.  Not only do they have rich experience in academic research, but many faculty members also have a long-term professional career, which is really important for landscape architecture education (a few professors who come to mind are Gerdo Aquino, Mia Lehrer, and Ying-yu Hung).  The faculty have a deep understanding of each project, site, and context. As a member of these studios, I found many inspiring ideas.
  • Practical experience:  The landscape architecture program values the balance between the classroom education and practical experience.  Several courses provide various field studies.  I also attended 2011 CELA annual conference (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture) as volunteer.  The conference was co-organized by USC in 2011.  During the conference, I learned about cutting-edge research from professionals all around the world.  Further, I was lucky to be a representative of USC and involved in the design of the creative gardens in the 2011 Xi’an World Horticulture EXPO.  As a result, I have learned much about landscape schematic design, design details, and construction drawing.

Bohua (MLA 2011)

Bohua is currently living in Boston.  He is working toward a Master in Design Studies, Urbanism, Landscape and Ecology Concentration at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design (expected 2014).


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